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State: GA - Georgia
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Feature Type: Canals

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Augusta CanalCanalN33.5024°W81.9993°310671View Map
Beaverdam DitchCanalN33.4249°W81.9646°311010View Map
Branch CanalCanalN30.7877°W82.6121°311720View Map
Brunswick-Altamaha CanalCanalN31.2569°W81.4818°310337View Map
Cedar Hammock CanalCanalN30.7541°W82.1904°312482View Map
City Drainage CanalCanalN31.2119°W82.3496°325779View Map
Elbow CanalCanalN31.9333°W81.2637°313889View Map
Five Docks CanalCanalN31.9344°W81.2601°314160View Map
Hardin CanalCanalN32.1008°W81.2568°315119View Map
Historic Augusta Canal and Industrial DistrictCanalN33.4678°W81.9392°2562562View Map
New Hope CanalCanalN31.9308°W81.2465°319350View Map
Peachtree CanalCanalN31.9510°W81.2651°320309View Map
Phinizy DitchCanalN33.4140°W81.9721°320471View Map
Pipe Makers CanalCanalN32.1160°W81.1784°320749View Map
Placentia CanalCanalN32.0430°W81.0512°320777View Map
Red Dock CanalCanalN31.9280°W81.2454°321373View Map
Saint Marys CutCanalN30.8552°W81.9040°322205View Map
Savannah and Ogeechee CanalCanalN32.0902°W81.2298°322591View Map
Snuff Box CanalCanalN31.5563°W81.6015°323203View Map
Southfield CanalCanalN31.9441°W81.2473°323298View Map
Springfield CanalCanalN32.0760°W81.1090°323455View Map
Suwannee CanalCanalN30.7838°W82.2360°356571View Map
Suwannee River SillCanalN30.8297°W82.4176°323794View Map
Valambrosia CanalCanalN31.9494°W81.2590°324648View Map
Walker CanalCanalN31.9388°W81.2426°324765View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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