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State: DE - Delaware
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Feature Type: Military Locations (Historical)

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Battery Alburtis (historical)MilitaryN39.5897°W75.5672°2127923View Map
Battery Allen (historical)MilitaryN39.5892°W75.5672°2127925View Map
Battery Clermont Best (historical)MilitaryN39.5719°W75.5817°2127922View Map
Battery Dodd (historical)MilitaryN39.5881°W75.5678°2127927View Map
Battery Gibson (historical)MilitaryN39.5681°W75.5783°2127920View Map
Battery Hall (historical)MilitaryN38.9350°W75.3306°2127917View Map
Battery Haslet (historical)MilitaryN38.9331°W75.3317°2127916View Map
Battery Hentig (historical)MilitaryN39.5886°W75.5678°2127926View Map
Battery Read (historical)MilitaryN39.5686°W75.5786°2127919View Map
Battery Rodney (historical)MilitaryN39.5711°W75.5814°2127921View Map
Battery Torbert (historical)MilitaryN39.5892°W75.5672°2127924View Map
Coast Guard Station Indian River InletMilitaryN38.6103°W75.0681°2512113View Map
Dover Air Force BaseMilitaryN39.1280°W75.4655°2512167View Map
Fort Delaware (historical)MilitaryN39.5894°W75.5675°216100View Map
Fort Dupont (historical)MilitaryN39.5714°W75.5836°2127918View Map
Fort Miles (historical)MilitaryN38.7847°W75.0944°2127915View Map
Fort Saulsbury (historical)MilitaryN38.9340°W75.3316°217866View Map
New Castle Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN39.6783°W75.6064°2093462View Map
United States Army Air Warning Station Number 11 (historical)MilitaryN38.5264°W75.1072°2086955View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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