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State: DE - Delaware
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Feature Type: Hospitals

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This search matched 21 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bayhealth - Kent General HospitalHospitalN39.1512°W75.5234°1988751View Map
Bayhealth Milford Memorial HospitalHospitalN38.9070°W75.4330°1988750View Map
Beebe Medical CenterHospitalN38.7719°W75.1432°1988754View Map
Bissell SanitoriumHospitalN39.7507°W75.6527°213666View Map
Christiana Care Eugene du Pont Preventive Medicine Institute at PelleportHospitalN39.7692°W75.5896°2378707View Map
Christiana Care Hospital Newark SiteHospitalN39.6878°W75.6689°217684View Map
Christiana Care Hospital Wilmington SiteHospitalN39.7514°W75.5492°213991View Map
Delaware Psychiatric CenterHospitalN39.7014°W75.5771°215709View Map
Delaware State HospitalHospitalN39.6151°W75.6599°1988753View Map
Governor Bacon Health CenterHospitalN39.5726°W75.5838°217648View Map
Hogar Crea International Treatment CenterHospitalN39.7419°W75.5340°2619892View Map
Meadow Wood Behavioral Health System HospitalHospitalN39.6399°W75.6291°1988752View Map
Nanticoke Memorial HospitalHospitalN38.6418°W75.6042°214368View Map
Nemours Dupont Hospital For ChildrenHospitalN39.7797°W75.5556°1988745View Map
Riverside Extended Care PavilionHospitalN39.7559°W75.5124°214547View Map
Riverside HospitalHospitalN39.7685°W75.5317°2378855View Map
Rockford CenterHospitalN39.6953°W75.6610°1988749View Map
Saint Francis HospitalHospitalN39.7500°W75.5668°214573View Map
Stockley CenterHospitalN38.6271°W75.3196°217425View Map
Wilmington HospitalHospitalN39.7518°W75.5496°213875View Map
Wilmington Veterans Administration Medical CenterHospitalN39.7404°W75.6062°1988747View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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