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State: CT - Connecticut
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Feature Type: Pillars

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This search matched 26 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Baldwin RockPillarN41.2623°W72.8229°1933278View Map
Bear RockPillarN41.4734°W72.6518°205350View Map
Big MermaidPillarN41.2570°W72.8284°212703View Map
Bird RockPillarN41.2507°W72.8298°212702View Map
Blyn RockPillarN41.2470°W72.8293°212695View Map
Bradley RocksPillarN41.2501°W72.9529°205675View Map
Channel RockPillarN41.0684°W73.3590°212765View Map
Cow and CalfPillarN41.2415°W72.8532°212701View Map
Frog RockPillarN41.8690°W72.0520°1924413View Map
Gilbralter RocksPillarN41.2918°W72.3448°207299View Map
Goshen RockPillarN41.2495°W72.7626°212699View Map
Hanford RockPillarN41.0912°W73.3554°212767View Map
High RockPillarN41.4570°W73.0687°1933881View Map
Joshua RockPillarN41.3809°W72.3768°208207View Map
Nat Clocks RockPillarN41.0334°W73.4923°212726View Map
Old PeltPillarN41.0448°W73.4285°212724View Map
Pine RockPillarN41.3379°W72.9515°1932621View Map
Red RocksPillarN41.9170°W73.4135°210145View Map
Smith RockPillarN41.3987°W72.8182°1932889View Map
Sodom RocksPillarN41.2826°W72.3431°210946View Map
The Kissing RocksPillarN41.3484°W72.0976°1931086View Map
The PinnaclePillarN41.6545°W73.3135°211428View Map
The PinnaclePillarN41.7029°W73.3276°211429View Map
The PinnaclePillarN41.8662°W72.7793°211430View Map
Todd RockPillarN41.0184°W73.5546°212711View Map
Yale BoulderPillarN41.2834°W72.3568°1924191View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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