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State: CT - Connecticut
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Feature Type: Mines

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This search matched 21 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Aspinock Quarry (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1924220
Balf QuarryMineN41.7184°W72.7109°1950004View Map
Blakeslee Quarry (historical)MineN41.3379°W72.9515°1933336View Map
Box Mountain QuarryMineN41.8089°W72.4586°2633485View Map
Bradley Ore Bed (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1931812
Brazos QuarryMineN41.5740°W72.6445°1923673View Map
Davis Ore Mine (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1931919
Dinosaur Quarry (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1923779
Gillette QuarryMineN41.4926°W72.5112°1923852View Map
Gulf Quarry (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1923869
Holbrook Quarry (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1933894
Jinny Hill Bartytes Mine (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1934006
Leetes Island Quarry (historical)MineN41.2579°W72.7184°1934055View Map
Marriott Granite Quarries (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1924533
Middle Quarry (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1923979
Pine Rock QuarryMineN41.3382°W72.9512°1932622View Map
Redding Garnet Mine (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1942715
Roxbury Garnet Mine (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1932330
Seymour Gravel PitMineN41.5547°W72.1644°2709864View Map
Strickland QuarryMineN41.5918°W72.5918°1924130View Map
Whigville Copper Mine (historical)MineUnknownUnknown1944173

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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