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State: AL - Alabama
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Feature Type: Flats

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Abernathy BottomFlatN34.7409°W87.5397°112893View Map
Chastine CoveFlatN34.1290°W87.6795°115978View Map
Chestnut FlatFlatN34.4445°W86.2605°116018View Map
Dalys BottomFlatN33.2043°W87.5389°148043View Map
FlatwoodsFlatN33.5993°W87.4703°118405View Map
Goodson BottomsFlatN32.9004°W87.1692°1959572View Map
Gum FlatsFlatN34.5093°W88.1414°119476View Map
Haney BottomsFlatN34.6709°W86.9300°119674View Map
Holman BottomFlatN33.2279°W87.5861°148247View Map
Lee BottomFlatN34.5981°W87.6520°121458View Map
McFarland BottomsFlatN34.7848°W87.6861°142099View Map
Moberley BottomFlatN33.3771°W86.0919°162484View Map
Penitentiary BottomsFlatN33.3718°W86.1061°162506View Map
Pine FlatFlatN33.2112°W87.5375°148442View Map
Post Oak FlatFlatN34.8804°W86.0822°125199View Map
Prairie BottomFlatN34.8651°W87.9131°125234View Map
Roseberry BottomsFlatN34.6954°W86.0869°125938View Map
Sauty BottomsFlatN34.6529°W86.1241°126429View Map
Swoope BottomFlatN34.6304°W87.2256°127603View Map
The MeadowsFlatN30.3977°W87.8714°127818View Map
Tuckabatchie BottomsFlatN32.4821°W85.8833°1959593View Map
Well FlatFlatN34.7576°W85.5877°150581View Map
Wolfden FlatsFlatN34.0495°W85.5072°129175View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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